Witness a New Dawn

GTA Online Reimagined

Welcome to Project New Dawn, a new take on an old multiplayer concept. Inspired by CrazyBob’s Cops and Robbers (CnR) we aim to create a more balanced and structured experience. Keep up with the classic GTA style by becoming the state's most wanted criminal. Murder and pillage your way in Los Santos in your quest to find fortune. Want to be on the other side of the law? Put on a badge, fight criminals and outlaws in order to clean Los Santos out of scum. Want to stay clean? Run deliveries, drive a taxi, heck even go fishing! The world is yours. We wanted to capture not what GTA is, but what it could have been.
In short, GTA Online: Reimagined.


An Experience Like Never Before

Project New Dawn was born out of my love for GTA: San Andreas and its RPG functionality. I fell in love with a lot of it's RPG aspects, which GTA Online lacked. Being able to buy houses, working out in the gym, eating every now and then, just to mention a few. Even though it was a single player game, you could spend hundreds of hours immersed in the world of San Andreas. GTA Online had none of that.

A New Opportunity

Because of the success of the GTA Online Discord Server I wanted to find a multiplayer mod that resembled GTA: San Andreas' RP mechanisms. Finally, I found a server called CrazyBob’s Cops and Robbers, which admittedly has been a huge influence on the goals of this server. Doubling down on San Andreas’ core mechanics and putting you with and against real people opened an entirely new aspect of gaming to me back then, which stuck with me until this day. Whether it’s hunting down suspects as a cop, escaping them after having committed crimes, or simply trying to pay the rent for the house another player has bought with some legitimate work - All of these things I felt were missing from future installments, even though the groundwork was all there.


A New Dawn

So when the GTA Online discord server has finally grown and reached a point we were all happy with, I started looking for a multiplayer mod for GTA V. The wait was long, but eventually, FiveM came around and I jumped right into it. But as with everything, life gets in the way and working on something by yourself can get a bit disheartening. So, after 6 months of working on it myself, the project fell dormant for almost a year. Funds, thanks to our Patreon, grew and we were finally able to have people work on the server and do coding work which I could not do by myself. Suddenly, everything came along in a flash. Developers were found, the site was created. It was a huge change from before.